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No longer active - Maxwell Advanced Technology Fund Scholarships

This Fund was initiated in 2009 to support and enhance the number of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students within the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. Many Universities lack sufficient direct financial support for PhD programmes, while they have an excess of well qualified applicants ready to undertake PhD study. PhD programmes of research benefit both the individual researcher in developing his or her career while the academic supervisors can use the results to develop new areas of research and then make stronger bids to secure follow on research grant and contract income.

The Fund is administered through the University of Edinburgh Development Office and the monies are then passed on to a Research Institute in the School of Engineering for allocation to part support for a deserving PhD student. Since launch the fund has raised over £250k from individual donors and charities and has supported 4 PhDs in the Institute for Digital Communications (IDCOM). The Fund has typically been used to award at least one fees only or part stipend Scholarship for a UK/EU student undertaking a PhD degree in the IDCOM at The University of Edinburgh. This will equate to approximately £3,500 per annum from The Fund for a three year period. The Fund is further used to support either full or part tuition fees only scholarships for either UK/EU or International students undertaking PhD degrees in IDCOM. The detail of how the Fund is disbursed is made at the discretion of the Head of IDCOM. Awards are available to graduates who have an outstanding academic record in a related field of work and intend to undertake PhD study in the Institute for Digital Communications.

The University of Edinburgh's Scholarship and Student Finance Office manages the award of the Scholarship in conjunction with the Director of IDCOM. Both the Scholarships and Student Finance Office and IDCOM promote the award. IDCOM will select the recipient based on academic merit and the prospective students accompanying personal statement. Should sufficient suitable candidates not be identified in an academic year, Scholarship funds are carried forward to the following year.

The University, in accordance with data protection regulations, will seek permission from each recipient of an award to release their details to The Donors. The Donors accept that this information will be treated as confidential and with sensitivity. The Donors receive reports from the Development and Alumni Office on awards made by the fund and technical progress on each funded PhD programme on a regular, typically annual, basis.

The JCM Foundation is a charity formed in Scotland in 1977. (Registered Charity SC015003)
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