Gallery: 14 India Street and Visitors

Birthplace, 14 India St.:  JCM's birthplace. Now housing a small museum run by the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation.

Scotland's Astronomer Royal:  Prof Catherine Heymans visits with the Maxwell Torch as part of preparations for the Big Bang/Wigtown Book Festival in early 2022.
YouTube recording of the festival presentation Scotland's Einstein by Catherine Heymans and Martin Hendry.

Photo: Colin Hattersley Photography

.. in the entrance hall.:  Prof Catherine Heymans and Prof Martin Hendry in the entrance hallway with the Maxwell Torch and zoetrope.

Photo: Colin Hattersley Photography

.. in the Exhibition Room:  Prof Catherine Heymans with portraits of (left to right) Peter Guthrie Tait, James Clerk Maxwell and JCM's father John .

Photo: Colin Hattersley Photography

IEEE Ohm plaque unveiled :  by Brian Berg, IEEE Region 6 History Chair and Milestone Coordinator; Alex Magoun, outreach historian at the IEEE History Center; and Karen Galuchie, Executive Director of the IEEE Foundation. On 20 September 2019 this IEEE historical plaque on The Standardisation of the Ohm as the Unit of Electrical Resistance was received by the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation.

Prof Andrea Goldsmith :  visited in July 2018, pioneering wireless Professor from Stanford University, on the occasion of the award of her first honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh, with Senior Vice Principal Charlie Jeffery.

Photo courtesy University of Edinburgh.

Cellular telephony pioneers :  visited in July 2018. Thomas Haug and behind him Philippe Dupuis, who received the 2018 IEEE/RSE James Clerk Maxwell medal from HRH Prince William. Philippe donated his original 1987 GSM signed collaboration agreement to the Foundation.

Photo Courtesy of the RSE: ©Gary Doak photography.

The JCM Foundation is a charity formed in Scotland in 1977. (Registered Charity SC015003)
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