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Maxwell Foundation Newsletter Archive

Issue No.19 Winter 2023

Issue No.18 Summer 2022

Issue No.17 Summer 2022

Issue No.16 Part Two Spring 2022

Issue No.16 Part One Summer 2021

Issue No.15 Winter 2020

Issue No.14 Spring 2020

Issue No.13 Summer 2019

Issue No.12 Spring 2019

Issue No.11 Summer 2018

Issue No.10 Spring 2018

Issue No.9 Autumn 2017

Issue No.8 Spring 2017

Issue No.7 Autumn 2016

Issue No.6 Winter 2015

Issue No.5 Spring 2015

Issue No.4 Spring 2014

Issue No.3 Spring 2013

Issue No.2 Autumn 2012

Issue No.1 Spring 2012

The JCM Foundation is a charity formed in Scotland in 1977. (Registered Charity SC015003)
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