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Newsletter Archive

Issue No.14 Spring 2020  

  • “Maxwell's contribution to standardising the unit of electrical resistance”

Issue No.13 Summer 2019  

  • “Saturn's Rings after Cassini”
  • “Visit to Einstein's House”

Issue No.12 Spring 2019 

  • “Electroweak Thoughts”
  • “Visit to CERN”

Issue No.11 Summer 2018 

  • “Wireless Advances using Visible Light (LiFi)”

Issue No.10 Spring 2018 

  • “The Discovery of Gravitational Waves”
  • “Mary Fairfax Somerville (1780

Issue No.9 Autumn 2017 

  • “Clerk Maxwell and the complex behaviour of an object released from rest in a fluid”
  • “Maxwell on Physical Standards”

Issue No.8 Spring 2017 

  • “Some Reflections on the History of Radar from its Invention up to the Second World War”

Issue No.7 Autumn 2016 

  • “Maxwell’s Equations: the Tip of an Iceberg”
  • “Maxwell and Control Theory”

Issue No.6 Winter 2015 

  • “Maxwell’s Articles on Structural Mechanics”

Issue No.5 Spring 2015 

  • “Maxwell and the Rings of Saturn”
  • “William Dyce Cay (1838-1925), Civil Engineer - James Clerk Maxwell’s mathematical cousin
  • “Book Review: Faraday,Maxwell and the Electromagnetic Field

Issue No.4 Spring 2014 

  • “From Maxwell to Higgs”
  • “Professor Sydney Ross, BSc, PhD, Hon.DSc, CorrFRSE (6/7/1915 – 4/12/2013)”

Issue No.3 Spring 2013 

  • “The James Clerk Maxwell Telescope”
  • “Maxwell’s Demon”
  • “Maxwell and the Distribution of Molecular Velocities”

Issue No.2 Autumn 2012

  • “The Changing Notation of Maxwell’s Equations”

Issue No.1 Spring 2012

  • “Is the Cosmos teeming with life or is life on Earth unique?”
  • “Maxwell, Einstein, Newton and Faraday”
  • “The Tartan Ribbon and Colour Photography”
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