2021: Celebrate JCM's 190th Anniversary!

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The house at 14 India Street Edinburgh in which Maxwell was born is normally open to visitors by appointment, but physical tours of the house are of course suspended because of the current public health emergency. In anticipation of restrictions being lifted, to make provisional visiting arrangements please read this information first and then email us at: Visits__email

To contact us for any other reason (i.e. not to arrange a tour of 14 India Street), please email us at: jcmf_contact_email

Or, write to us at:
James Clerk Maxwell Foundation
14 India Street

The Foundation is based in James Clerk Maxwell's Birthplace at 14 India Street, Edinburgh. India Street is situated in the New Town, to the North of Queen Street and Heriot Row, a few minutes walk from Princes Street


The James Clerk Maxwell Foundation is aware that, from time to time, there are unauthorised and unsolicited emails apparently written in the name of the Foundation, which either request donations or indicate that the recipient has been selected by the Foundation to receive a substantial cash payment. The Foundation wishes to make clear that it has no connection with any such emails, which have been issued without the Foundation's knowledge, authority or involvement. Relevant law enforcement agencies have been informed. If you receive such an email please forward it to us at the address above.

The JCM Foundation is a charity formed in Scotland in 1977. (Registered Charity SC015003)
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